drawQRzee Help Manual

Welcome to the drawQRzee help manual!

You will find a usage guide for the drawQRzee userscript. This script will integrate into the website of munzee.com and is useful for creating munzees and munzee barcodes.

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When the munzee website 2.0 came out in March 2014, this script stopped working. Please deactivate it in your browser to access the munzee webpages without problems. Thank you all for your amazing support over the years!


1. Prerequisites

Using Mozilla Firefox?

You will need to install an extension called ‚Greasemonkey‚ once before installing drawQRzee. This extension will handle the userscript in your browser.

Now you are fine to download and use the drawQRzee userscript.

Using Google Chrome?

That will be easy. Just install drawQRzee from the Chrome Webstore. After that you should notice a blue munzee icon inside your address-bar when you’re surfing around the munzee.com pages. Click it to be safe that drawQRzee is activated.

2. Download or Upgrade

Firefox or Tampermonkey-User will find the latest version here: Download

The script itself will remind you if there is a newer version. Chrome-Users can ignore this as their installation will be auto-updated.

If you upgrade from an older version, just be sure to clear your browsers cache after installation. You are clicking the link above and end up with the blank source code? As a workaround please right click the link and save the script file to your desktop. Then drag it into your browser window and it should ask you to install. After this you can delete the file from your computer.

You can find the drawQRzee changelog here.


3. Usage

Is drawQRzee working? It should be. 😉 To check this just login to munzee.com, switch to you userpage (just click your username) and click ‚Account‘ in the top bar. You should see a new item ‚drawQRzee Settings‘. Success! Hit it!

No new menu item showing? Be sure to visit your userpage and not the munzee.com-homepage. No luck? Try to restart your browser, clear browser-cache or reinstall drawQRzee.

3.1 Settings

There are a few settings to edit:


Set the size in pixels. A value of 120 will create QR-codes with 120x120px. It can create them up to 1000x1000px. If you prefer very small codes, just check them before hiding to be sure they are working. Some phones run into problems with small ones.

foreground color:

Choose a color for the QR-code itself. Input has to be the 6 digit RGB value. For example 0000FF is 100% blue. There is a color picker linked on the bottom of the Settings window. Copy&Paste your desired color value from this color picker if you want. Keep in mind that the QR-code has to be darker than its background!

background color:

Choose a color for the background behind the QR-code. Input has to be the 6 digit RGB value. For example 0000FF is 100% blue. There is a color picker linked on the bottom of the Settings window. Copy&Paste your desired color value from this color picker if you want. Keep in mind that the QR-code has to be darker than its background!



Check the box to create codes with small numbers in the bottom left corner. This number represents the number of the munzee.

cut Borders:

There is a white border around the created QR-code. Check this box to get codes without this white borders.

Margin for batch print:

You can configure the margin around the codes when printing them in batch mode. A value of 5 will create a 5px margin around every code. Try this together with cutting the borders. A value of 0 and checked ‚cut borders‘ will create codes with no margin.

Text to annotate in lower right corner:

You want to annotate a line of text below the QR-code? This text goes here. You can automagically use a munzee’s name here by adding %%name anywhere inside this text. If you want to change or remove this text on a single munzee, you will find a textbox on the left side of the specific munzee’s details page.

Mark own Captures on other players‘ deployed list:

Tick this box if you want to see the red ‚captured munzee‘ pin on a player’s deployed munzees page if you had captured the particular munzee.

Deployed Munzees list align left:

If enabled, the deployed munzees list will be aligned left and not centered anymore.

Homezone radius:

Here you can adjust the radius for the Homezone tab and the ‚Munzees around you‘ button. A value of 10 will set the radius to 10km.

Nearby munzees radius and filters:

Here you can adjust the radius for the ‚Nearby Munzees‘ tab. A value of 500 will set the radius to 500m. You can decide whether to show your own or captured munzees or not to show them.

Deployed and Captures Map:

You can decide whether to show your owned or captured Munzees on the Deployed or Captures Map.

Space for notes:

This space is only for you to take some notes and store old settings.

Template for munzee notes:

In this box you can specify a munzee note template. This can be inserted with just one click when editing a munzees note. Easy, isn’t it?

Before closing the settings window, be sure to hit ‚Save‘ 😉


4. draw some Codes

Now we can create some codes to see what we have done. The codes can appear on:

Undeployed list

Click ‚Undeployed‘ and then hit the ‚Show QR-codes‘ button. You will see the codes next to the munzees friendly name. At bottom of the page you will find a textarea with all barcode values if you want to use them in other programs. If you want to sort this barcode values, check the box before hitting the ‚Show QR-codes‘ button. Sorting is very slow due to the synchronous requests. NEW: Please try to use the undeployed batchprint page for fetching barcode values! It’s really fast and you can even select witch barcodes to fetch.

Deployed list

Click ‚Deployed‘ and then hit the ‚Show QR-codes‘ button. You will see the codes next to the munzees friendly name. I’ve also added some statistics on top of the munzee list.

Munzee details page

Open the details page of any of your munzees and you will see the code just under the coordinates.


5. save Codes (for later use)

If you want to save a single code just click it and the browser will ask you to download it. Want to save all codes on undeployed list? Save the whole webpage using your browsers ’save page‘ feature. It will create a folder containing all codes.


6. batch print

For undeployed munzees:

You can use the drawQRzee batch print feature by clicking the ‚Batch Print‘ button on the undeployed munzees page. On next page choose the codes. Checking a series of Munzees is quite easy: Check the first desired one and enter the number of next munzees to get checked. Hit the button and all X next munzees will be checked. Now hit ‚drawQRzee Batchprint‘ and a new tab will show all the selected codes. You can print this right from your web browser.

For deployed munzees:

To batchprint your deployed munzees open the deployed munzees tab and scroll down to find the ‚prepare batch print‘ button. Hit that! You will find a checkbox in front of every munzee. Select your desired munzees and/or enter their numbers (http://www.munzee.com/m/player/NUMBER/) into the textbox. Seperate them by comma. Done? Okay, click ‚batch print‘. drawQRzee will now fetch all the barcode values and after that it should open a new window/tab and show the codes. Nothing pops up? Maybe you are using a popup blocker.


7. fetching barcode values

You can use the undeployed Munzees batchprint page for fetching the barcode values of your undeployed Munzees and use them in other programs. You can even select the Munzees to fetch the code from.

8. ‚Homezone‘ Tab

A new tab called ‚Homezone‘ is added to your userpage. Open it and you will see a map view of your uncaptured munzees in your homezone. Adjust the radius in ’settings‘.


9. ‚Nearby Munzees‘ Tab

A new tab called ‚Nearby Munzees‘ is added to every munzees details page. Open it and you will see a map view of the nearest munzees around this munzee. Adjust the radius in ’settings‘.

10. ‚Munzees around you‘ Button

A new button called ‚Munzees around you‘ is added to your userpage. Hit it and a new browser-tab showing the uncaptured munzees around you in map and list view will open. Adjust the radius in ’settings‘.

11. Deployed and Captures Map

You will find the deployed and captures map on every players profile page. Own or captured munzees can be marked with their respective icons (see settings) or can also be excluded using the checkboxes below the map. The ‚Fullscreen Map‘ button will open a new tab with screenfitting map.

12. Finding Maintenance Munzees

There is a ‚Maintenance Munzees‘ tab on every profile page. There you will find all Munzees in Maintenance Mode for this account. When you look at your own account it will also show the QRC for this munzee and offer to print all MMs in batch mode. Easy way for reprinting the missing ones.


13. using a Template for Munzee Notes

You can create a template for munzee notes (in settings) and insert it with just one click when editing your freshly deployed munzees. Try it!


14. view a player’s Score Development

Okay, just click the ‚Score Development‘ tab on every player’s profile page. This will bring up a fancy chart showing your points increasing.

15. you find this useful?

Just hit the Button:

Thank you!

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